• Gender: Male
  • Rank: Former Jounin/Seven Swordsman of the Mist, currently Rouge-nin
  • Village: Formerly Mist
  • Personality: Obsessive compulsive killer, wrote a book on killing people.

Description: shoulder length hair curly and straight, baggy black ninja pants with black boots, wear his headband on his left arm, undearth his long sleeve trenchcoat (That he wears with no shirt) when he takes his trenchcoat off he's serious

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Weapons: Fang of the Kracken Sword (Like Nightmares sword from SC) carrying it like Cloud does, to him its light as a feather, because his soul is tied to it through his Kekkei Genkai. Its design is like a coral reef. Water Blade Whip Jutsu: Blade used like a whip without excact shape made from water, a way to control the water. Heavy Water Jutsu: make his skin very solid like ice but not cold, its a form of water hardening. Not technically ice. He can also use this jutsu to go into the ground and pop up anywhere, and seemingly evaporate to appear at places. Water Regeneration Jutsu: he can regerate any part of himself, no matter how small the same way cell from DBZ can, through the water, and can combine into his sword, thus if any of himself or the sword is left, he survives. Water Lightning Combination Justu: Rage of Kracken: wet down the blade and electrfiy/charge it to make it a conductor and a sharpening tool to cut through anything, any cut, sword or block. (It burns and cuts and stuff) Water Lightning Combination Jutsu: Water Dragons Rage: Form a water dragon 10 times the size of the normal water dragon jutsu and use lightning to more than quadroopal its power and it breathes electricity. Water Lightning Rage: He puts the sword into himself and hits them with his fists (rarely happens and he's very pissed off) Whenever he hits the opponent it blows a whole in the oponent with lightning, and water fills their body where they can't move. (like a punching bag)

Ultimate Jutsu: The Death of a thousand seas: Forms a massive tidal wave that blocks out the sun as far as you can see, and then command the tidal wave to destroy armies but it also electricutes people, so its like a massive amount of electrcity and water hitting you and it forms into a kracken around his body and the Kracken holds his sword but its a thousand times its regular size then he uses electrcity and water into his sword and forces all his strength down into the enemy destroying them into one single point.

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