• Gender: Male
  • Village: Waterfall
  • Personality: a calm yet headstrong ninja who takes risks if necessary to win...but he still has some morals...though some question that...

Abilties/Jutsu: Is extremely skilled in Taijutsu, to the point that he's on par with Sojiro, no small feet. Unfortunatly his teamates, while skilled, are nowhere near his level and they tend to hold him back, so he uses them by allowing them to ambush their oppponents in order to win, he does most of the work.

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Bell/Water Seal weapons: this techinque damages the ears and can even render a person unconsious...him and his teamates all know this one. Water Style: Waterfall shield: this technique provides water to use as a shield, depending on how much chakra you put into it, it can be any size. Water style: Water Clone barrage: this technique creates water clones that then in turn launch water at the opponent. Giant Water Clone jutsu: this technique can happen after Water Style: Water Clone barrage and leads to the clones combining into a bigger clone of varying sizes. It has little advantages except for size and more water to attack with. It also rumored he could use lightning jutsu but who knows for sure...

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