Anji finds out he's the Psuedo Jinchuriki of the 8-tails somehow. Honzo discovers he is the pusedo 5 tails jiinchuriki. suddenly a member of Anji's Father's organization appears and beats Anji, Honzo, Sojiro and Tyeron like they are NOTHING..then he leaves with one simple taunt ,"become stronger or you will most certainly die." Anji, Sojiro and Honzo end up meeting each other in a far off backwater shinobi village, on another continent..and while there, they discover that a young 2-3 year old boy is the Psuedo to the 3 tails..this young boy is being used as a weapon by a village called the Wolf Village which is a canine based village (like Kiba's clan but doesn't just use dogs) in order to fight the Shadow Village (known for having shinobi with somthing like tailed beasts in them but weaker) Anji and Honzo get caught up in this war while also hating each other, and then discover that Tyeron is here as well..and he's pissed..turns out the young boy is his SON! After much fighting in this arc (a full miniature WAR) the next arc happens.