The Fate of War is the third part to the overall Clash of Rivals Series, and begins on a "What-if" type note, in order to bring back two characters who died, and to avoid having to worry about Real Naruto Series Canon.

The Back storyEdit

In the final battle against the branch of Akatsuki lead by Anji's father, Anji, Sojiro and Honzo emerge victorious. Tyeron manages to re-combine himself and appears just as the battle has ended. In the original ending to Anji's Darkness, Kai and Shuhan died, along with many others. However, the creator of the series didn't want to end on such a bad note, so in the What-if scenario, Kai and Shuhan survive, however are frozen alongside Anji, Sojiro, Honzo and Tyeron for 100 years. They become unfrozen to see a Shinobi World different than they remember it, and end up stuck in a war...

List of ArcsEdit

Prolouge (Fate of War)Edit

The characters and how things go for them are first are all shown here.

Chaotic ArcEdit

The first great shinobi war in years takes place, the 5h Great Shinobi Stone Village and Sand Village declare war on Could and Leaf. What will the minor Villages do about this?

Uchiha Rebellion ArcEdit

The Uchiha begin to threaten with rebellion from Leaf Village, while at the same time, the Amaya Clan is being whiped out by one of their own, meanwhile the 5th Great Shinobi War still rages on!


The aftermath of the war

6th Great Shinobi War ArcEdit

After a few years of peace, and the death of some of the pervious Kage, peace has been around for a time. However, the Uchiha Village become outraged when the Hidden Star Village recieves a Kage. This leads to the Uchiha attacking. However, the sound sees this and decides its time for them to strike at the Leaf. Meanwhile, what of the rumors of a group of Shinobi from another Continent and why are they here? The 6th Great Shinobi War starts!


  • Ironicly facts from this show were later contradicted in the main source material.


The Frozen

  • Anji Yamanaka [[1]]

Leaf Village

  • Bikou Keiji [[7]]
  • Kaori Kaemon [[8]]


  • Uchiha main page [[9]]

character list to be continued (can be found however)