Akatsuki (暁; Literally meaning "Dawn" or "Daybreak") is a criminal organization of S-Class missing-nin and is the most wanted group in all of the shinobi world. Their main goal is to collect all of the tailed beasts for their plan of world domination. As such, Akatsuki, despite initially having a minor role during Part I, have become the primary antagonists in Part II.

Akatsuki at any given time is composed of no more than ten primary members, all of whom were S-Class criminals of their own respective villages. Members always work in teams of two with the exception of Zetsu, who functions as the organization's spy, and make use of their unique skills to the team's advantage. Team members must function very well or at least to accomplish their task even though they have a mutual problems with each other. The organization is rarely fully assembled, as seen in the end of Part I, when one member said it was the first time in seven years when they were all together.

Akatsuki is widespread, spanning several countries with agents in various places. When one team finds a tailed beast and has to begin the job of sealing the beast, they have hidden hideouts with many traps ready, to do the three-day long jutsu.

Side Branch of AkatsukiEdit

Anji's father formed a group of S-Class Shinobi that if left unchecked, could be a threat to Madara Uchiha. So he made a deal with Anji's father that they'd be a branch of Akatsuki..and thus use its resources in exchange for coming to Main Akatsuki's aid if ever needed. Thus the Pact was formed. As for this branches goals..they were tied to Anji's father..

Anji's father had the Excess Chakra of the 8-Tailed beast. He planned to plant it in himself, however he realised his body could not handle the strain and decided he must plac it in another and find a vessel for a new body..when he found a woman, he seduced her with Genjutsu and inpregnated her, knowing that the offspring would likely have a tough exterior due to his messing with the embreo, when the son was born he planted the 8-tails within him..his plans cannot be done yet because Anji was taken by Konoha and he was defeated by Kai's father..because Kai's father is of the Nara Clan and Kai doesn't find this out until later. His father died defeating Anji's Father..Anji's Father actually never intended to kill Anji, he just had to make them think so in order to avoid suspicion when he was found..Anji being taken meant that Anji's Father couldn't go with his make the Ultimate Shinobi out of himself and control the Ninja world. Then he heard of a Hidden Darkness Village. He headed for it, knowing it contained a great bunch of strong Shinobi, and he met up with the leader of the Village. Together they collected the chakra of the 5-tailed beast excess chakra and placed it within the Darkness Villages leaders son: Honzo, who could contain it. However, not long after the Village was attacked. By Leaf and Cloud Shinobi, among them was Koji from the Cloud Village. The Village was whiped out, and They thought all were dead in the Village, however Honzo, who was only a few years old, Koji could tell was special. So he brainwashed the child and took him in as one of his students, and as far as Honzo knew: he was always a Cloud Shinobi. Meanwhile Anji and Honzo's fathers watched from the Shadows..they decided they must gather a group of like minded strong shinobi (among them ended up being Sojiro's mother) together in order to one day take Honzo and Anji forcibly in order to attain their goals: Create themselves into the Ultimate Shinobi and control the Ninja World. They also knew there would need to be many spy networks, as they intended to try to control the Shinobi World through a vast spy network that had to be built beforehand, and in this way they'd know whats going on, in any village, at all times. Their new plan when gaining Honzo and Anji would be as thus:

When Mixing the 5 tails with the 8-tails into a gigantic object it then melds with Anji's Father's Container: Honzo's Father..thus making a body that contain 8-tails, 5-tails and Anji's Father (plus Honzo's) thus making the Ultimate Shinobi, and in that way: both Anji's father and Honzo's father would become one person, and they'd rule the shinobi world.

Known Members of the Branch of Akatsuki under Anji's FatherEdit

Member Status Village of origin Reason for joining[1]
Anji's Father Deceased [Mist] "Power/Recourses"
Honzo's Father Deceased [Darkness] "Power/Recourses"
Sojiro's Mother Deceased  ??? "Love"
Arumbo Deceased [Sound] "whim"
Nim Deceased [Mist] "Entertainment"
Raido Deseased [Stone] "Revenge"
Ryoho Deseased [Waterfall] "lineage"

Known Members of the Main AkatsukiEdit

Member Status Village of origin Reason for joining[2]
Deidara Deceased [Stone] "whim"
Hidan Incapacitated Yugakure "religion"
Kisame Hoshigaki Active [Mist] "spite"
Kakuzu Deceased [Waterfall] "resources"
Konan Defected [Rain] "love"
Orochimaru Defected [Leaf]
Pain Deceased [Rain] "peace"
Sasori Deceased [Sand]
Itachi Uchiha Deceased [Leaf] "ideology"
Madara Uchiha Active [Leaf]
Zetsu Active "land"


Akatsuki members have a similar way of dress, which could give them away if a village is alerted of their presence. Members wear long, dark cloaks with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar (although at one point, Madara wears one with a hood and no sleeves). All members wear nail polish of varying colors on their fingers and toenails, and may wear a conical straw hat with small spike-like balls hanging down to cover their faces. The hats may be used to move around in the general population unnoticed, or for when the weather requires one. Some members tend to wear their village headband with a slash across to symbolize the broken ties with their former villages, while others cease wearing them for several reasons. Everyone also wears a ring with a kanji on different fingers depending on who the member is.

Anji's Father's Akasuki Branch TeamsEdit

Anji's Father and Honzo's FatherEdit

Being the two strongest in this group, it made sense for them to be a team, not to mention that their goals are heavily tied to one another.

Arumbo and Sojiro's MotherEdit

Between Arumbo's exploding Earth abilities and Sojiro's Mother's Blue Flames, they make an effective yet flashy team.

Nim and RaidoEdit

Also known as the bringers of death, this team is quick, effiant and used mostly for missions where the enemy is to be killed, as anything short of death seems to not run well with them.

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