Kyuudaime Raikage Anji

Anji during Part III

Debut (Story)
  • Chapter 1
Debut (Anime)
  • Episode 1
Appears in Story, Anime
Voice actor(s) (English)


Birthdate May 11
Gender Male
  • Part I: 12-16
  • Part II:16-20
  • Part I: 5' 11'
  • Part II:6' 1'
  • Part 1: Genin, Chuunin, Anbu, Rouge-nin
  • Part 2: Rouge-nin
  • Part 3: Jounin
  • Leaf
  • Sound
  • Cloud
  • Team Anji-

Kagome, Anji, Sojiro, Tatty

  • Death Team-

Honzo, Anji

  • Team Jado-

Jado, Rena


Academy Grad. Age 12
[hide] Nature Type
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Wind
[hide] [Jutsu]
[hide] Weapons


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Is the main character of Part I and II and one of the main characters of Part III.

has the Yamanaka clan's bloodline limit and is a master in forbidden Jutsu that relate to elements, is very intelligent but kind of lazy at the same time, very tactical and has looks to boot but it took alot to proove himself and he also left the village from an accident he made..unforunatly he regrets that decision to this day but will never go back...he currently fights each day for his life, and in hopes of one day defeating the only one to defeat him, and the hardest enemy he once defeated-Hanzo. relation to anyone..Ino-Cousin, Orochimaru- enemy, former Teacher, Tatty- Former Teamate/Love intrest, Sojiro-Former Teamate/Rival, Honzo (no not the same one, this story was before he releced)-worst enemy/Rival, Naruto-Aquaintance, Sasuke-enemy/assassination attempter background info...Too long to explain

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Anji finished

Anji during the beginning of Part I.