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List of ArcsEdit

Jado arcEdit

  • (Chapters 12-15)

Honzo Betrayal ArcEdit

  • (Chapter 16-20)

After Honzo defeats Anji in battle, Honzo betrays Orochimaru after he's sent on a suicidal mission and lives.

Pseudo Jinchuriki ArcEdit

  • (Chapter 21-30)

Anji and Honzo are defeated by a member of Akatsuki. They then awake from the battle in a land unknown to them, as they get thrown into a war!

Sound Ninja Revival ArcEdit

  • (Chapter 31-???)

Two long dead Sound Ninja: Zaku and Dosu are brought back from the dead..meanwhile Anji, Honzo and Sojiro are being hunted!

The Arc afterEdit

The beasts excess chakra was planted inside of him by his father (as well as the 5 tails inside of Honzo)..needless to say a very evil shinobi.. whose the leader of an evil organization..Anji's the biggest part of their plans and it leads to many fights. This is the last arc of the story.

Forms of Media AvailableEdit

  • Story
  • (Possible Anime)